Lock-down results. Pt 1.

It brings me a lot of pride and gratification to publish this blog series, reviewing the results and achievements that my clients made during one of the most turbulent times of our lives. It goes to show that you do not need fancy equipment or lots of space to create results, but instead need determination,Continue reading “Lock-down results. Pt 1.”

Is training outdoors better for mental health vs training in a gym?

Because of the pandemic lots of us had no choice but to train outside rather than in our usual gyms. And even though it’s not a move that many of us would have chosen, it is clear from what I have heard and experienced that training outdoors has a lot of benefits. In this blogContinue reading “Is training outdoors better for mental health vs training in a gym?”

Should you be spending an hour in the gym?

This article is about training duration. I will be discussing if 60 minutes is an optimal amount of time to spend in the gym. This duration can suit most people, however, lots could benefit from longer or shorter sessions. These are the top reasons why 60 minutes may not work for everyone, and what youContinue reading “Should you be spending an hour in the gym?”

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