Lock-down results. Pt 3.

It brings me a lot of pride and gratification to publish this blog series, reviewing the results and achievements that my clients made during one of the most turbulent times of our lives. It goes to show that you do not need fancy equipment or lots of space to create results, but instead need determination, a hard working attitude, and an open mind. Well done to everyone that has not let this pandemic affect their attitude towards training, and managed to better themselves through this.

Since the gym’s closed lots of people had to resort to body-weight training or using little equipment. This felt alien to a lot of people, including my clients that were used to heavy strength and resistance training. We no longer had a squat rack to perform heavy squats, or no platform to dead lift on. I have some equipment at home but that made no difference when lock down forced us to train from our individual living rooms, and the most that some people had was a single resistance band. This meant that I had to design programmes and workouts that provided enough stimulus for muscle gain and fat loss, but using very little equipment. Even I knew that this would be a challenge to achieve the same results training at home by themselves, using light equipment compared to being in the gym, but honestly the results speak for themselves!

I thought about including all of my clients in this one post, but I do not think that would do them justice for each of their individual achievements and results. So I will write one post for each client that totally smashed this lock-down and did not let that stop them from reaching their goals.


Ella has been personal training with me for just over a year now, but has been doing my camps and group sessions for a while before that. She does partner PT sessions with Annabelle, and they make an amazing pair. They bounce off each other in both energy and banter, and I enjoy training them very much! But when lock-down was imposed on us they had to do their sessions separate at home, without being able to properly chat or ability to laugh at each other if one fell over. Which was a different dynamic in the sessions, and that is something I think we picked up on straight away. It is not as if we couldn’t chat at all during the sessions, but when you are used to seeing someone in person and having a bit of a goof around, talking on a screen, one person at a time is not the same. So we were really happy when the rules lifted enough to do the sessions in my garden.

Ella’s confidence in the gym has grown massively in the past few years of training, so much so that she wouldn’t think twice about going to the gym to do one of our weightlifting sessions on her own. I don’t have any worries about Ella quitting the gym because she has shown that much dedication and motivation to train, and if she ever has to miss a session she is not happy. But one thing for Ella is that she does not see how far she has come both physically and mentally. As a big motivation for her to train is so that she does not put weight back on. From my perspective this is a complete normal worry, because if you stop being physically active of course you might regain weight, but Ella doesn’t actually see how much she has lost over the years, and know that it would take missing more than one training session to put it back on. So of course when the gym closed it made Ella worry that she was going to lose all the results that she worked so hard for. But in fact, the results that she has achieved during lock-down have amazed both of us!

Ella’s top achievements

She has done the opposite of putting weight on!!

Ella doesn’t weigh herself, as we just go on the way she looks and how her clothes fit to know that she has lost fat. I can’t get over her abs on the most recent photo (right), and her arms and legs, even though not clear in these photos are much more defined and strong. Again going to show the results you can achieve using only a 12kg kettlebell and a band.

She has the best mental attitude to life and training! Thinking about it, apart from when an exercise is really tough and she has a little moan (like we all do), I never hear Ella moaning about anything! She is always laughing and cheering other people up, and I have never seen her without a smile on her face. Even when she was stuck at home on furlough, being bored and stressed, she never let it get to her and always turned up to the sessions happy. I think that staying positive during these horrible times is one of the biggest achievements of them all!

Not going to lie, I typed eating treats into google images and then ended up laughing at funny pictures of dogs catching treats for 30 minutes, haha! If you want cheering up, google funny dogs catching treats, its amazing :D.

Anyway… back to the topic. Ella has a great relationship to food. She understands that when you eat ‘healthy’ you will lose weight, but you have to find a balance that works well for you. So that means that she eats healthy through the week mostly (eating fruit and veggies, hitting protein goals and cooking fresh), and then if she wants a treat like a dominoes, or a pick n mix, she can eat it GUILT FREE. It is harder to be able to find a balance of eating foods that you are told are bad for you, and not feel the guilt, then it is to just cut out everything all together. But I try to tell everyone that you should still be able to enjoy the foods you want even when you have a fat loss goal. As Ella has become more confident in her training and the way she looks, she has shown to feel less guilty about enjoying the foods she wants.

Well done for these achievements and all the amazing things you have achieved Ella, I hope it continues! Here are some words from the lady herself.

I was really nervous when the gyms closed, after working hard with Alicia for so long I was worried that my progress would be all undone. So I was so happy when we were able to continue the sessions over Skype, Alicia made it really easy to carry on adapting the workouts with minimal equipment. In such an uncertain time it also gave me something to look forward to being able to catch up with Alicia and the other ladies on the group sessions! I would have been happy going out of lockdown as I went in I just didn’t want to go backwards and gain any weight but the fact I have actually made more progress is amazing!!

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