Lock-down results. pt 4.

It brings me a lot of pride and gratification to publish this blog series, reviewing the results and achievements that my clients made during one of the most turbulent times of our lives. It goes to show that you do not need fancy equipment or lots of space to create results, but instead need determination, a hard working attitude, and an open mind. Well done to everyone that has not let this pandemic affect their attitude towards training, and managed to better themselves through this.

Since the gym’s closed lots of people had to resort to body-weight training or using little equipment. This felt alien to a lot of people, including my clients that were used to heavy strength and resistance training. We no longer had a squat rack to perform heavy squats, or no platform to dead lift on. I have some equipment at home but that made no difference when lock down forced us to train from our individual living rooms, and the most that some people had was a single resistance band. This meant that I had to design programmes and workouts that provided enough stimulus for muscle gain and fat loss, but using very little equipment. Even I knew that this would be a challenge to achieve the same results training at home by themselves, using light equipment compared to being in the gym, but honestly the results speak for themselves!

I thought about including all of my clients in this one post, but I do not think that would do them justice for each of their individual achievements and results. So I will write one post for each client that totally smashed this lock-down and did not let that stop them from reaching their goals.


Jess only started training with me 2 months ago, so we were already in lock-down by that point. She actually decided to start personal training because she felt like being confined to the house magnified her poor lifestyle choices, and she wanted to become more active. She had never been in a gym before, so them being closed made no difference to her, and we decided to do her sessions in her local park. Because Jess had never done strength training before I created her entire programme to be body-weight, so that it could be done anywhere, and she wouldn’t feel intimidated by weights. Fast forward 2 months now and she has absolutely smashed her training and I am able to challenge her more and more each session. She now is not afraid to lift weights and put her all into the exercises.

Jess’ top 3 achievements:

She is absolutely smashing her weight loss goal. She has lost inches on her waist, hips, arms and legs. Whilst also showing impressive muscular definition in her legs and arms! She is quite a fussy eater and was also addicted to red bull energy drinks when she first started training, so we worked together to get the red bull consumption down and introduce a wider variety of foods into her diet, without anything being too drastic or strict.

She has never missed a session even when the weather has been absolutely brutal! With doing the sessions in the park, there is no cover from the rain. Which means that on multiple occasions we have both been completely soaked. However Jess doesn’t let the rain stop her from pushing herself in the sessions, and isn’t afraid of getting muddy whilst exercising on the ground.

(I had to use a random picture of someone running, because why would I ever take a picture of Jess whilst she’s running ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

One of Jess’ main goals when she came to me, was to be able to jog for at least 2 minutes without stopping. She had never been a runner before but she knew that it was something she struggled with, and admitted she would get out of breath after 10 seconds of running. But now after 3 sessions a week with me: 1 hour of strength work, 1 hour of running & technique, 1 hour of strength and HIIT; she is able to run around the whole of the park without any breaks. This was built up over time by doing small sections of the park each time, and gradually making the run longer. So now she can run non stop for 5 minutes at a time, blowing her goal of 2 minutes out of the water!

Well done for these and all of the other amazing achievements Jess! Here are some words from the lady herself. x

I decided to start training during lockdown as I felt my bad habits could get very out of control with being stuck in the house all day. Before I started training I really struggled with motivation and knowing what exercises to even do. My training plan has been very varied and I can feel my body improving week after week. Training with Alicia is always fun and an amazing start to my day!

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