Lock-down results. Pt 6.

It brings me a lot of pride and gratification to publish this blog series, reviewing the results and achievements that my clients made during one of the most turbulent times of our lives. It goes to show that you do not need fancy equipment or lots of space to create results, but instead need determination, a hard working attitude, and an open mind. Well done to everyone that has not let this pandemic affect their attitude towards training, and managed to better themselves through this.

Since the gym’s closed lots of people had to resort to body-weight training or using little equipment. This felt alien to a lot of people, including my clients that were used to heavy strength and resistance training. We no longer had a squat rack to perform heavy squats, or no platform to dead lift on. I have some equipment at home but that made no difference when lock down forced us to train from our individual living rooms, and the most that some people had was a single resistance band. This meant that I had to design programmes and workouts that provided enough stimulus for muscle gain and fat loss, but using very little equipment. Even I knew that this would be a challenge to achieve the same results training at home by themselves, using light equipment compared to being in the gym, but honestly the results speak for themselves!

I thought about including all of my clients in this one post, but I do not think that would do them justice for each of their individual achievements and results. So I will write one post for each client that totally smashed this lock-down and did not let that stop them from reaching their goals.


Nadia only started training with me 2-3 months ago during lock-down, so we had no prior experience of being in the gym. However she has had a personal trainer in a gym before, and decided that she would like to re-start personal training but in a different environment. Since working together she has made some incredible progress and we have lots of fun in the sessions, so I am really glad that she chose to come to me during these crazy times!

Nadia’s top achievements:

She has found the time to train even though her work life is crazy!

I’d say Nadia has one of the most high pressure/ demanding job’s out of everyone, but she has never missed a session. One of her biggest reasons for having a pt is because if I was not there to meet her for training, she just wouldn’t find the time to do it. There has been times that she has had to answer the phone to work during a session, or she has had the session at 7pm and then gone back to work straight after even though she should be finished. This commitment to training and staying fit deserves so much respect, because all to many times people say that they can’t find the time to train, or work has been too stressful… but Nadia never does.

She has already made amazing changes to her physique

The left photo is when she first started in May, and the right is from July. Nadia was not a beginner when she came to me so it is harder for someone who is used to training to achieve fast results because the body has already adapted to training. However as you can see she has lost fat from around her waist, tummy, arms and legs. And her glutes, wow! The shape and tone of her body is hopefully something she is very proud of, as her goal was to create a firm and toned physique… which she is definitely doing!

Well done Nadia for doing so amazing, I hope the results keep coming! Here’s some words from the lady herself.

“Due to my workload, it has always been hard to make the time to train and look after myself. I used to push myself to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Unfortunately, this completely changed after we went into the lockdown. From training and walking everyday at 10,000 steps to just be sat at my desk and spending long hours in front of my laptop. I found myself in mood everyday all week along and the only thing made me feel a bit better was eating but then, I felt guilty and I punished myself for not being good on my nutrition. Suddenly, I just realised something was wrong and it was I passed from training quite often to not exercising myself at all. Alicia helped me to be back to my exercise routine, my healthy nutrition habits, feel more confident with my body and be a little bit less stressed and a little bit happier. “

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